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50 gay/bi men that women find hot.
The list is under the cut, so take a look and let me know what you think... I'm curious to know. :)

1. Adam Lambert
2. John Barrowman
3. Neil Patrick Harris
4. Luke Macfarlane
5. Chris Colfer
6. Jonathan Groff
7. Ricky Martin
8. Scott Evans
9. Cheyenne Jackson
10. Scott GIll
11. Clay Aiken
12. David Burtka
13. Russell Tovey
14. Sir Ian McKellen
15. Stephen Fry
16. Randy Harrison
17. Robert Gant
18. Matthew Mitcham
19. Dustin Lance Black
20. Rufus Wainwright
21. BD Wong
22. Alan Cumming
23. Wilson Cruz
24. Chad Allen
25. Dennis Grabosch
26. Johnny Weir
27. Lance Bass
28. Rupert Everett
29. Nate Berkus
30. Peter Paige
31. Gareth Thomas
32. Daniel Boys
33. Sean Hayes
34. Brad "Cheeks" Bell
35. T. R. Knight
36. Darryl Stephens
37. Jesse Tyler Fergeson
38. Mika
39. Tom Lenk
40. Gavin Creel
41. Will Young
42. Cassidy Haley
43. Michael Urie
44. Jake Shears
45. Dan Savage
46. Darren Hayes
47. Sam Sparro
48. Tom Ford
49. George Takei
50. David Bromstad

Follow the link to see the pics of the guys...HERE

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